Whether you're ready to sell, buy, or stay, let us ensure that your most significant investment remains your strongest asset.


It's that time. You're ready to put your house on the market. You look around and realize all of the things that you "forgot to update," or did, but it's now: " so last year," and you wonder if it's going to affect the sale price and ultimately your profit. The simple answer is: YES! If you see it, so will potential buyers, and that could significantly affect the sale price. However, don't fret, we can get you there, and without the significant overhaul, you may think you need. We are familiar with these concerns and more importantly what's essential vs. what you THINK is important. We work hard to get you your real market value without breaking the bank. For example, you wouldn't sell your car hoping to get top dollar without cleaning, fixing, and detailing a bit right? So don't give up equity or the chance to get top dollar for your most significant investment when it comes time to cash in. 


Looking to buy a new house? Worried about a "fixer-upper?" We can help with that too! Many potentially beautiful homes are available for purchase under market value for the same reasons, i.e., past owners didn't keep up with their home maintenance, the original style might not fit your taste, or you want to make your new home your forever home. Buying and renovating a house may sound daunting, but we assure you, it is not something you should fear. Look at it as a way to make your potential purchase a home; your home! (With our help of course)

Look around at your house. Is it home yet? The place where you'll raise your family, and you will be living forever. Maybe not "Norman Bates" style forever, but at the very least you aren't planning on moving anytime soon. It's your most significant investment and needs to maintain as such. Your home should remain your strongest asset. Home maintenance is a part of home ownership and just because you've been living there doesn't mean you have to stick with the same style that you bought with the place. Even if you think you can live with it, think long term. The next buyer might not want to. So why not update now, while you can enjoy it too. 



Great company to work with. They did an excellent job with my shower tiles. -Karen K.