A mild tweak or a full remodel? 

One of the most significant and quickest changes in style, outside of the paint, is flooring, backsplash, and tiling. There are many, many options out there now that can let you update your look or go all out and make a bold statement. The real question comes to whether your end goal includes just a minor spruce up or a whole new floor. Of course, there are benefits to both, and we can help figure which would be better for your unique situation. So stop stressing and let our expertise put your mind at ease.  



We can handle either option here at Market Ready Asset Management. Whether minor or major or somewhere in between, we can deliver. We are more than happy to provide a free consultation to help determine your end goals and develop a strategy for getting you there. No job is too small or too big; we can handle it all. 





Today's vinyl flooring. 

A floating floor that stands up to everyday home life!? NEVER!!! Well guess what? Luxury vinyl flooring is not the old thin stuff that looks great until life happens. This stuff is fantastic!!! And even better, it saves you monewy in demo AND waste. Plus cuts the job time in half! This flooring option is extremely versatility and has longevity beyond real wood flooring. Even better, it is water proof, kid proof and pet proof. Meaning it can easily be installed over most existing flooring in ANY room. Laundry, bath, kitchen, all easily tackled now with a beautiful outcome. It is well priced for what it offers and with the multiple styles to choose from, we are sure to find something that fits your vision and goals. 

Porcelain or Ceramic?

Ask 10 conttractors and you'll likely get 10 different answers. The truth is, there really is no exact answer however, in our opinion there are positives and negatives to either depending on the installation. We just need to first know where the tile is going, and then determine your end goals and vision of the finished project. As an example, if flooring is your project, porcelain is most often the best idea. Most pros might try to avoid it because it is harder to work with but it is more durable for flooring, and just about any end look can be found in a procelain product. 


Don't replace, reglaze! 

Over time, tile and especially grout, can show its age. No matter how hard you scrub and/or what cleaning products you use, it just never looks quite right. Yellow stains, mildew, even a dull luster can never be had again unless its all repalced right?? WRONG!! We offer a specialty service known as reglazing or refinishing. We utilize a 6 step celaning process and priming and topcoats that make-up a top of the system that delivers superior results. When we are finished, we have returned the same surfaces to a bright and glossy surface that covers the grout AND the tile surface. This creates a like new hassle-free area without the cost, waste, and time associated with removing and replacing. 




"Hard wood, laminate, and tile, OH MY... 

-Dorothy, Kansas